Discover the beauty of island life

Join our compassionate island community, become immersed in the natural beauty of life in tropical paradise and discover for yourself why life is better by the sea.

island life

Life is better by the sea

We live a simple life and respect the natural beauty of our home.  People who stay, often stay longer by being drawn to the traditional way of life here which brings a nostalgia of “old Thailand” before tourism corrupted the natural beauty. 

Our islanders are conscious to preserve this beauty with many eco initiatives supported by the community, here is some of the ways we keep our island a true paradise

coral conservation

The Coral Gardeners is an exciting new project here on Koh Mak which grows coral through recycled PVC piping as well as hosting workshops in schools and the diving community about the preservation of coral.

Support local

Community is valued above all so you will never find a 7/11, but rest assured that you can still shop from local minimarts. This allows family-run businesses like ourselves to thrive and support each other the best that we can.

Low carbon

With a growing amount of the islands energy is produced through solar. We encourage visitors to adopt a low carbon mindset with the use of electric vehicles and bicycles rentals. Recycling is also enforced at every resort and restaurant.

Organic farming

By The Sea green farm is just one of the many organic farms supporting the community. We grow our produce sustainably through the avoidance of agricultural chemicals such as MSG and additive colouring.

Join our friends

phoenix Muay Thai

Learn from former champions in Phoenix Muay Thai gym and transform your body into a weapon in this technical and prestigious sport.

Koh Mak Divers

Our pristine beaches are just the surface of a whole world waiting to be discovered under the crystal clear waves. Close by is the famous Mu Koh Chang marine park which spans over 52 islands and is home to 40 different species of coral, home to a wealth of wildlife just waiting to be discovered. 

animal clinic

When you explore our island you will make many furry friends with the dogs and cats who call this their home. However they were not always so friendly and healthy as you see them today. The Animal Clinic is a non-profit organization, bringing vets to the island to offer medical treatments for the island’s animals free of charge to their owners. They are a friendly bunch and are always happy to meet people who wish to contribute in any way possible.

good times yoga

Yoga offers self-reflection, the practice of kindness and self-awareness.  You can join one of the group classes at the yoga shala immersed in the lush tropical gardens of Good Times resort.

Coral coworking

A new addition to our paradise home is the coral coworking space, offering fast internet and comfortable office space. It is available to island friends staying at other resorts for 2500 baht per week.